The interior design of shabby chic style is all about worn or distressed items, linen and cotton fabrics and materials that are special in being faded by the sun, weather, time and wear and tear or being bleached. The popular shabby chic décor items are made of painted wood and metal and vintage linens.

Home designed in this décor for Thanksgiving are aesthetically appealing that represents a timeless quality with welcoming and a light vibe. The typical shabby chic collection would entail of items that is a combination of style, simplicity and functionality. It transforms the living space into a fresh and vintage style while keeping the things at maximum comfort.

One of the crucial components of shabby chic living room is owning the seats that can be sunk into. This is a mixture of new and old pieces in warm shades avoiding the structure to formal rules. It emphasizes on creating a timeless appearance that looks effortless. It makes the living room in a perfect arena that focuses on comfort and aesthetics in conjunction.

Salvaged items and handy crafts are essential to this style. Round tables placed with a light tablecloth gives a pretty, light and classic look that is an illustration of this shabby chic style.

Shabby chic table

A tablecloth of vintage linen and napkins brings the feel of fine dining, both inside and outside. An old stained tablecloth can be cut into a smaller piece with finished edges and tossed over the small table putting fresh flowers on it. It can ideally be added with tarnished silver napkin rings and a colorful vintage tray for serving would make it more beautiful.

Serving coffee in shabby chic style

Even serving the coffee can be done in shabby chic style. This type promotes slowing down and enjoy each and every moment of each thing. Taking tea or coffee in shabby chic style is one of the best thing that can be done on Thanksgiving. Mismatched look is one the best features. The setup appears rustic and it works amazingly. The rainy summer afternoon looks brighter with this happy ritual.

Shabby chic flair

There are many retailers that offer this type of décor in affordable prices for Thanksgiving. Stoneware can be added in a number of places to complement the existing décor. The set of showpieces with embossed design can add a whole new look to your room. They evoke a sense uniqueness in the room.

Different flatware patterns can be combined to give a distinctive look as well. There is a number of table concepts as well that can be added to your existing décor. Take inspiration from a number of retailers and even from the Internet to celebrate Thanksgiving in an aesthetically appealing manner.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the interior design ideas that can implemented to your existing décor in order to make things appear good. Nevertheless, add your own creativity to the work to make things look more unique, interesting and elegant.



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