Dressing in shabby chic is pretty interesting. It is all about dressing in a combination of new and antique piece of clothing and jewelry. The term itself means, dressing in vintage inspired, often layered clothing that evokes a more like feminine feeling. It is dressing in a modern fashionable manner. It is pastel in color such as lavender, white, butter, place blue and gray. It fits in a loose manner on the body. Usually, women dress in a shabby chic style with an inclination towards baby clothing resembling old fashion norms and values.

Dressing in shabby chic style

Before shopping, you must look into your closet carefully. Look for loose-fitting sundresses, tops and skirts that are pastel colored and flowing. Look for soft and flowered prints and ruffles. Pants that are light colored also works with vintage-inspired shoes and antique jewelry.

You need to consider the pieces that would feature a shabby chic look. Write the things that would correspond with the description and theme of shabby chic style. Head out to clothing stores and figure out vintage-inspired pieces, accessories and romantic clothing.

dressing vintage white

It is imperative to layer everything. Wear camisoles with a lace on it and tank tops beneath it with button down guazy shirts. Ribbon tops also work well with this when worn with a pair of faded jeans. Footless tights pair would complement in an amazing manner as well. A long-sleeved pastel colored thermal shirt with a tank top sound good. This idea of loose fitting complements perfectly the shabby chic style.

Unique and vintage inspired delicate necklaces such as long chains with heart lockets or flowers and layer choker necklaces would look good. Broaches, chandelier earrings and rings featuring rhinestones and roses would fit perfectly with the outfit.

Faded outwear is the perfect style if the weather allows you to do so. A loose-fitting small knit weave sweater hanging below the waist appears amazing. But take care the color must be neutral to go with all kinds of shabby outfits. Jackets with patterns such as flowers and a fitted hat works with the outfit in an ideal manner. Remember that the look must be all feminine and old fashioned looking so no sort of hats must be worn that ruins that overall shabby chic appearance.

Shoes must be put on that are simple in design and pattern. Pink or cream ballerina flats would be perfect in this scenario. It can be either with a tie bow or without it, it will appear entirely perfect. Wear loafers that are classic in look during the winters and cooler months. Sandals and feminine looking flip flops would be perfect if the weather is hot or warm.


Shabby chic is becoming the new trend these days with its growing popularity all over the world. Here is how you can dress in a shabby chic manner. Description above is the ideal dressing manner that must be undertaken to create the perfect shabby chic look and appearance.

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