I was talking with my seven year old son as I was helping him pull his clothes for tomorrow and I told him that he had to wear green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. He said ok mom, and without hesitating he picked his Boston Celtics shirt to wear. But as we were sitting in his room going through his closet it dawned on me…does he really understand this holiday or is he just going along with what I tell him? He knows it is a celebration but does he really know why? Better yet, do I really understand this holiday? Well, I decided to look into this a bit further and I gathered some information. Here is the simple information I shared with my son and what I decided this day means to me.

The first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in America was held back around 1737. Primarily this was celebrated by those of Irish descent but over time it was celebrated by many people of all nationalities. Today, we can go into the local stores and see cakes shaped like shamrocks and we see many decorations adorned with rainbows, leprechauns and pots of gold. To me, this represents dreams, hard work and results. Many of the early descendents risked so much to come here. They worked very hard and found happiness and built a new life for themselves. Their faith, hard work and success are all worth celebrating! They have added so much to all the wonderful things we enjoy today.

In Ireland St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday. Patrick was a young boy who had been taken from his home and forced into slavery in Ireland. He wrote about hearing God speak to him and he was able to escape to Britain. He had another vision from God and Patrick eventually went back to Ireland in the hopes of converting the people there to Christianity. In many documentations, it is believed that he passed away on March 17 461 AD. In Ireland, many of the businesses other than pubs and restaurants are shut down. Many of the people attend mass on this Holy Day in Ireland.

Here in America, St. Patrick’s Day (St. Paddy’s Day) is not a national holiday. Yet, in many areas you will find big parades and people from all nationalities sporting their green, eating their corned beef and cabbage boiled dinners, and drinking green beer and other popular Irish drinks. It is truly a day of celebration for many.
Whether you celebrate this day because it is a tradition passed down to you, or because you are proud of your Irish heritage or because you just enjoy a good party, I wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, much luck in all that you do, strength to work hard, a rainbow to dream upon, a pot of gold as your reward and many blessings throughout your life!!! 777 Luck of The Irish to you All!!!777

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